Final Fantasy X + XII-2 officially heading west this year on both PS3 and Vita

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StrikeNinja24 posted...
vidalmoraza posted...
After seen spoony reviews of this games, I dunno what to think about this....

The funny thing is, his reviews of the game are pretty spot on.

Especially this.

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It's been so long since i played these games... i still have them in my PS2 games binder.

I dont' know if i really want to spend $40+ on the games again (especially since i remember buying them both on launch ). People mentioning a new grid. Does it make the game much harder? easier?

i think if they have cross save features and i can get all versions PS3 + PSVita for 60 bucks. i would do it.

now i'm stuck on the fence. especially since i have a Backwards compatible PS3 and my PS2 still works...

i can only really game on my handhelds (3DS and PSV) right now (commuting to and from work ) ....
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X-2 was good, if for nothing else than Via Infinito. One of my favorite areas in a Final Fantasy game.