Any games that utilize the touch screen in creative ways?

#1KeyeszxPosted 3/24/2013 4:24:46 PM
I just remember seeing LBP and it seemed like it utlized the PS Vita to it's fullest potential. What other games utilize the Vita in an innovative way to play games?
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#2ServantOfErieosPosted 3/24/2013 4:29:27 PM
Frobisher says
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#3gamer4leverPosted 3/24/2013 4:41:38 PM
LBP is the best one IMO.
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#4arclouks_xPosted 3/24/2013 4:42:54 PM
tale from space was surprisingly good, not to much but good and effective.
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#5HasquarlPosted 3/24/2013 4:46:01 PM
Escape Plan
#6Human-BeanPosted 3/24/2013 5:02:34 PM
Persona 4
#7psprulz2007Posted 3/24/2013 5:08:10 PM
Dead or Alive 5...touch screen fighting. Yea.
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DJ Max
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#9NnamzPosted 3/24/2013 8:58:07 PM
gamer4lever posted...
LBP is the best one IMO.

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#10MobileWarfarePosted 3/24/2013 9:01:57 PM
psprulz2007 posted...
Dead or Alive 5...touch screen fighting. Yea.

How Is the touch screen fighting in that game? I know in UMvC that just tapping the screen let you pull off extremely hard combos with very little effort. Is DoA5+ Like this?
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