Sony has bigger plans!

#1TheJazzMan456Posted 3/24/2013 7:30:16 PM
Like the tablet with buttons, Sony trademarked.Would this be a good idea?
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#2TheExiled280Posted 3/24/2013 7:37:25 PM
Awful idea IMO
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#3darkphiresagePosted 3/24/2013 8:46:59 PM
no. tablets with buttons are dumb as ****, like gaming cell phones. my tablet is for web browsing and the occasional movie. my phone is for music and calls. I can't use them for these activities if I kill the batteries in an hour and 1/2 trying to play mass effect 3. my vita/3ds don't have a bunch of necessary crap running in the background, so they can burn battery on games and still last hours. sony needs to realize this.
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#4MobileWarfarePosted 3/24/2013 8:57:06 PM
Not really a good idea to me. I got a Vita because I hate mobile games. That and the fact that they already tried a phone with buttons, the Xperia play which didn't do too well.
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#5j2zon2591Posted 3/24/2013 9:52:53 PM
TheJazzMan456 posted...
Like the tablet with buttons, Sony trademarked.Would this be a good idea?

What exactly are you trying to say? Presenting ideas or you have some actual links as proof?

A bigger VITA (ala Note 2/"3") would be a better idea.
#6TheJazzMan456(Topic Creator)Posted 3/25/2013 12:50:29 PM
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#7stargazer64Posted 3/25/2013 1:54:27 PM
A tablet with buttons? That's outrageous!
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#8TheExiled280Posted 3/25/2013 1:55:54 PM
TheJazzMan456 posted...

Please no Sony...
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#9Multiboy2kPosted 3/25/2013 2:33:52 PM
This is stupid!
Precisely why Sony is bleeding money now.

The Vita WAS the "tablet with buttons"!

Wow, they must have monkeys working for them. Sheesh I wish I could input some common sense into their heads about this issue.

They would both save and make a ton of cash by re-marketing the Vita as a "small gaming tablet". It's not like they are hurting hardcore gamers because the sales suck anyway!
They could compete almost directly with the Ipad Mini market by making the device more versatile like iOS products while still retaining it's hardcore gaming edge.

This is a no-brainer.
I wish to God that Sony reps would read these threads and hire me....
I need the work. And, they apparently need a refresh of perspective on how to be economically efficient while staying technologically relevant.

Turn the Vita into an Ipad with buttons that plays AAA games. Period.

End of story.
#10NerdstickPosted 3/25/2013 3:56:02 PM
Will never leave being a patent.

But the name 'EyePad' is hilarious. Really? Sony instead of a Chinese knockoff?