Sony has bigger plans!

#11mrekliPosted 3/25/2013 4:34:18 PM
Multiboy2k posted...
I wish to God that Sony reps would read these threads and hire me....
I need the work. And, they apparently need a refresh of perspective on how to be economically efficient while staying technologically relevant..

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Are you serious? This is.... hah... Too much...
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#12Megaman OmegaPosted 3/25/2013 7:28:34 PM
EyePad? lol. Classic Sony move.
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From: Megaman Omega | #012
EyePad? lol. Classic Sony move.

Sony never copies anyone... I mean admits it.
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Nerdstick posted...
Will never leave being a patent.

But the name 'EyePad' is hilarious. Really? Sony instead of a Chinese knockoff?

Yeah LOL.. not in the near future:

opposite corners of the controller would be used to generate 3D virtual buttons and game-pads.


Closest thing we have yet is Tactus.. can't see that making full blown analog nubs soon.

I think a bigger VITA (yet thinner), with better battery (think Note 2/"3") and filtered Android apps would be much viable in the nearer future.
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why cant Sony focus on the important stuff? gimmicks left and right ever since that wonderbook announcement.