Vita getting all indie love, Nintendo not happy for the lack of indie support

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Nintendo boss: “It’s crazy” how few indies are aware of 3DS, Wii U eShop"

“It’s crazy that there are so many developers who don’t realize this, but yes, it is not only possible for an indie to get a game onto the eShop service, we’ve tried to make it as frictionless as possible,” Adelman told Gamasutra in a feature interview about the approvals process.

“Developers have always been able to make their content available on our systems since the WiiWare days, without the need for an intermediary publisher between the developer and Nintendo. Nor do they need to mount a big PR campaign just to be allowed onto the service. Our philosophy is that if you believe enough in your game to build it, we want to do what we can to support you.”


Sony details major indie push at GDC 2013

SCEA vice president of publisher and developer relations Adam Boyes said his team has been significantly expanded over the past year, with the end result of more third-party titles headed to Sony platforms – particularly indies.

Huge list of indie games after the link.
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That's cause Indies can see through Nintendo's greed and Sony's love for gamers.
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from the comments:

Frictionless? Not giving you any money from sales until you’ve sold 5000 units is frictionless? That limit’s been removed now, but it’s no wonder Indies didn’t want to publish when they could sell 4,999 units and not see anything at all.

this really happened?
PSVita no games?
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Lol, nintendo!

Phil Fish loves Sony, hates Nintendo - need I say more?
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And why are they fighting over Indie games while I thought most of the real Sony console gamers never cared about it....

Well I guess Sony tries to copy the massive popularity of Indie games on phone, but I think it would futile... They can never compete with Androids and Iphones
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Yeah sure, Sony gets all the indies.

But where's the third party support ? That's where the rage is at.
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PSVita no games?
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From: ServantOfErieos | #002
That's cause Indies can see through Nintendo's greed and Sony's love for gamers.
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Almost all indie games are digital and Nintendo suck at digital.
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