Does it annoy you they are making so Echii games but no hentai games for Vita?

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I didn't even know what the hell ''Echii '' meant before entering this topic.
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NovaCast posted...
I didn't even know what the hell ''Echii '' meant before entering this topic.

ecchi basically means Sexy or indecent but can also be use for the word sex itself.
Just to confirm to some people, the word Hentai isnt the type of adult anime it means Pervert. What we think Hentai is, it`s adult anime.
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i am not bashing hentai, but whats the point at looking pixel girls, when you can go get a real woman, do that, pursue relationship and etc.

Married and have regular 3 somes with girls, and go to anime conventions and have 3+somes. Also have a second kid on the way.

Are you saying people should limit them selves "sexually" so they can be a sterio typical "normal" person. That sounds soo exciting, please enjoy your two positions of missionary and doggy style with your one women in the dark till you die ^_^.

WTF LOL.. that was hilarious xD

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When you say hentai games, what do you mean?

Those dating sims where you boink different girls.

Or guy.
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PSP had some hentai games (or anime?) which were called UMD-**.