Graphically, how much do you think the Vita can advance within its lifetime?

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Bancario51 posted...
I dunno man, I've seen lot of prerendered CGs for Vita games to make graphics look better than they actually are. They do a good job hiding it too. What is the real potential of graphics for Vita when its less powerful than the PS3 which is over 7 years old?

Uncharted GA was in-game all the way through and it looked fantastic.

Transitions from gameplay to cutscene and vice versa were seamless...

and pre-rendered CG is always b/s... but that's why I never take it seriously and I doubt its devs trying to trick us...
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I'll be happy when something comes along which manages to at least match the more impressive launch titles. With the sole exception of Little Big Planet, there's still nothing out there which comes remotely close to the visual quality of Golden Abyss (which is an awful lot closer to the console games in looks then, let's say, DoA 5+ is to DoA5) or Wipeout in my opinion.

You can do really nice things on the machine. Unfortunately you also have to invest some real money if that is what you want.
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Can't really say how far it will improve, but it'll definitely happen by a noticeable amount.
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