2013 lineup...Vita vs. 3DS

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I can't choose. Vita has God Eater 2, three Neptunia games, Dragon's Crown, and Soul Sacrifice. 3DS has Pokemon Y. I guess Vita would win because of the amount of games, but I'm just as excited for Pokemon.
Three Neptunia games coming to PSVita. I love you, Compile Heart<3
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Lord_Vishana posted...
Vita games I've already or will purchase this year:

Demon Gaze
Soul Sacrifice
Atelier Totori Plus
Tales of Hearts R
Tales of Innocence R
Mind Zero
God Eater 2
Malicious Rebirth
Atelier Meruru
Trails in the Flash
Muramasa Rebirth
Dragon's Crown
Ys: Memories of Celceta
The Walking Dead
Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD

3DS games I've already purchased or will this year

Fire Emblem: Awakening
Etrian Odyssey IV
Soul Hackers
Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Castlevania: Mirror of Fate
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Project X Zone
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Monster Hunter 4
Rune Factory IV
Fantasy Life
Ace Attorney V
Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney
Devil Survivor: Break Record
Dragon Quest VII
Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland
Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
Digimon Re: Digitize
Pokemon X & Y
Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl
Gaist Crush
Kaio: King of the Pirates

Yes I'm spending a lot of money. :-)

Haha, wow, I wish I had that kind of money xD
For me it's the 3DS, thanks to Pokemon X/Y & Prof. Layton Vs. Ace Attorney (That one just sound like pure awesomeness tbh)

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blundermine posted...
cheezedadada posted...
I own both handhelds like most of us probably do, but I am currently leaning towards this being the Vita year for me. Not for the AAA releases though, but for the indies. I am a strong believer that indie games are right at home on handhelds and I am very excited that the Vita is getting a bunch of them throughout the year. A lot of AAA games are more expensive and can fall short, whereas the indie games are cheaper and sometimes even more fun.I am playing machinarium right now for 6.99 and I love it..before that was another indie game.

It sounds like your best platform would be IPhone or Android. They have way more top quality indie games than either Vita or 3DS.

I actually do have an iphone and occasionally play games on it, but the quality is better on the Vita. My preference of indie games is more on the higher value end of it....like I dont want some cheap looking flash style game, but more of something along the lines of Lone Survivor. A game that isnt super high quality, but can be good enough to be a standalone experience worth visiting.
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Already released

Brain age concentration training
Etrian odyessey IV
Fire emblem awakening
Luigis mansion dark moon
Monster hunter 3 ultimate
Pokemon mystery dungeon gates: to infinty


Animal crossing new leaf
Bravely Default flying fairy(teased but not confirmed)
Donkey kong country returns 3D
Hometown story
Mario golf world tour
Mario and luigi dream team
Pokemon X/Y
Project X zone
Rune factory 4
Shin megami tensei IV
Shin megami tensei devil summoner soul hackers

There are some games in limbo as well. Proffessor layton vs ace attorney may come, Fantasy life is all but confirmed and Ace attorney 5 is coming but may or may not hit America this year. I think I forgot some games as well.

3DS wins.

Vita has a respectable library as well incoming though.
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TheExiled280 posted...
Well you 3DS owners will be happy to hear that SMT4 was just announced for localization. Email I got says summer release

Holy s***.
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I'm impressed that this topic has been so civil and mature. Good work gais!

Btw, am I the only 3DS owner here who would rather eat a hot coal than play Pokemon? I just never got into it and now I clearly never will:(
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ENB_son posted...
ENB_son posted...
Lord_Vishana posted...
ENB_son posted...
LinkMaster2703 posted...
The Vita's release list for 2013 is garbage. I can't even remember the last time I was this disappointed with a system, and I own a Wii U.

Lol if you own a Wii U, you should look at the empty list of release date.

And just remember the second year of 3DS, it was even more disappointing.

I own and love my Wii U. I own more Wii U games than Vita games actually.

The second year of the 3DS is disappointing!? You're kidding right...?

Nop, except Kid Icarus and Resident evil ( now in a better version on home console so disappointing ) , there was not really much good games, Paper Mario very disappointing

Im in Europe and thanks to nintendo 3DS is region locked.

And i also own a Wii U and dont understand how you can have more games on Wii U, unless you really dont like Vita ( or if its your only home console but if you have an other console like me, 360, there is nothing interesting in Wii U since Mario/ZombiU... news about rayman was very disappointing )

The Wii U is my first console since the Gamecube/PS2/Xbox generation. I did purchase a PS3 recently however. I don't hate the Vita, quite the contrary in fact, I love it. The same way I love the Wii U, it has amazing games.
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(Sigh).......Vita's games are just so goddamn niche. I'm hearing some bad rep on Soul Sacrifice, I really hope it will be a quality games.

So it will be Vita: Soul Sacrifice(most anticipated for handheld), Ys and Final Fantasy Vs 3Ds: Pokemon Y(most anticipated of the year 2013), Project X Zone, Rune Factory 4, Mario&Luigi RPG, Animal Cross and SMT 4.

Overall best year for Vita and 3ds same as usual.
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AceAndJunpei posted...
I'm impressed that this topic has been so civil and mature. Good work gais!

Btw, am I the only 3DS owner here who would rather eat a hot coal than play Pokemon? I just never got into it and now I clearly never will:(

ZERO interest in pokemon.

I did however have fun with Ni No Kuni because I was able to collect a bunch of companions. Maybe I like it somewhere deep down.
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Ehh... 3DS, Unless those Neptunia games for Vita are coming in 2013, Then Vita
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