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The upcoming Vita game "Flowers" is...surprising, to say the least. (Closed)
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gadgaurd189/19 10:38PM
Are you getting Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus? (Poll)
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Deimos259389/19 10:37PM
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T-shirts will be available to coincide with the fighting CLIMAX VITA releasepotatochobit29/19 9:43PM
NFS MW a mobile port?wilstreak69/19 9:42PM
What is with LBP and these weekly 300mb updates?
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Mcnugget2256139/19 9:40PM
Making a list of Vita games where the touch screen is used to feel up women.
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MoreLemonPledge899/19 9:07PM
Best game in the flash sale?mk_spirit109/19 9:06PM
how long does your battery last while online vita gaming?marioparty1749/19 8:07PM
Spoilers! Endings & Love Interests for SSDeltaACupNoodle79/19 7:59PM
TGS hasn't brought many Vita announcements has it?
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GradyHoover299/19 7:43PM
How much longer do I have in FFX (spoilers?)Albinosquid59/19 7:40PM
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3! Hype ship all aboard!S1lver_Bullet79/19 7:32PM
Which PS Vita game character do you lift for?
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StrongUnaware179/19 7:31PM
Helldivers? Mercenary Kings? Why you no come to Vita?Mcnugget225699/19 6:58PM
Should I buy a Vita?
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REMercsChamp119/19 6:57PM
Play-Asia lists Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Century for Vita
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INKU48239/19 6:29PM
Disgaea 4, Danganronpa or Memories of Celceta?
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moha238229/19 6:28PM
Please, recommend me some 100% PortStation Vita games.CaioNV59/19 6:17PM