I want SEGA to bring....

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A portable Yakuza would be pretty sweet.

sweet tears for Strike maybe since it would have the same fate as Yakuza PSP.... probably

They need to squeeze Skies of Arcadia 2 out of their collective asses for that to happen.

I would also love Skies Of Arcadia series on the Vita.

Me too!

Which is more sweet tears for me because that isn't happening either. Unless someone in SEGA Japan grows a brain cell.
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Oh how I love skies.
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I want SEGA to bring....

You may as well just stop there.
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Shenmue 3 needs to be made for the Dreamcast and no other console. It might be hard making it profitable that way but that isn't my problem!

Sega do a complete twist and make Shenmue 3 for $200 for there new Dreamcast 2 for $800.

Would you buy it??? Sega also tell you they will not make anymore games for the Dreamcast 2.

If that was the only way I could play it then without hesitation. It doesn't feel like something that could happen though.
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