Hey, Vita's Fans, if you still have a PSP, what is your rarest game?

#71grangiaPosted 4/13/2013 11:48:53 PM
Does Bounty Hounds count?
#72Haru_HaruhiPosted 4/13/2013 11:56:29 PM
Probably DJ Max Portable 2 and Clazziquai Edition.
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#73kreedersPosted 4/14/2013 12:12:02 AM
Lunar Silver star Harmony Collectors edition sealed with guide
#74bigybriPosted 4/16/2013 6:05:32 PM
I checked out "Lunar Silver SH" for the PSP on 1/2.com and it goe for $60 new but $50 used, so it seems to be in limited quantities at least.

I remember reading in the now defunct EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) an ad by GameArts or the now Working Designs (defunct) stating: "Lunar..SSH" the most hard to find game because it would never be in print again.

All in all, I'm glad it was re released, and the PSX version is still rare complete and I did play the PSP version and was pleasantly surprised at it's redrawn quality. What is GameArs up to now?

I went to Gamestop that still sells used and new PSP games, I was curious about the "Loco Roco/Patapon" for $20.00 is this rare?
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#75robertwarnes91Posted 4/16/2013 7:21:52 PM
I would say the PAL version of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. It got a very limited print.
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#76bith_the_blackPosted 4/16/2013 7:25:36 PM
Probably my DJ Max Portable LEs
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#77GuitaristMattPosted 4/16/2013 8:25:32 PM
Rarest game in the US would be Type-0!
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#78ItemBreakPosted 4/16/2013 8:41:38 PM
Trailblazer34 posted...
Tales of the World Rm3 and Tales of Phantasia X, both japan only.

Most Japanese games have relatively large production runs, so they hardly ever end up becoming rare. Both of those games can be found on Amazon, brand new, for a third of their MSRP (I'm not even talking about the best price editions).
#79VsinPosted 4/16/2013 8:45:09 PM
Armored Core 3 Portable

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#80Mister MoneyPosted 4/17/2013 7:48:05 AM
Probably Hexyz Force.

That and my Key game collection: Air, Clannad and Kanon. Planetarian is not rare any more *cries*
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