Tales producer: JRPG sales in decline, blames shrinking size of Japan-industry

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gray_fox_00 posted...
Starwarsmegaman posted...
Solution: Make a Tales game where at least three of the main characters get decapitated.

Tales of Highlander: There can be only one?

Well two people got horribly murdered by the main character in Vesperia, does that count?
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TranslatorTom posted...
People may say that JRPGs don't sell well in the US, so JRPG developers are phasing them out to capitalize on the global market... But I think part of the reason they don't sell well in the US is because they never really get released over here.

If and when they do, they are given very little in the way of promotion (because, of course, "only a niche crowd is going to buy it anyway"). It's a self-destructive spiral.


A lot of companies don't even put their best foot forward before they act as if the market betrayed them.
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I feel like the rise of WRPGs is more of the problem than FPS tbh
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What?! Tales is at a decline?! No way! I mean, lots of stupid DLC can only attract customers, right?! There's no way that all of what Tales has done poorly in the recent years has caused Tales to lose almost all customers except the worshipers!
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Uh, maybe people got tired of Scamco's scammy DLC gouging and now buy their games used if at all?
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Err, ToS was the only game they could consider a success, and that was all Nintendo. It was even admitted as such by Namco.

It wasnt a success as a series before or after that game in the West, regardless of DLC practices. The demographic isnt there for JRPGs.
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mobile and casual gaming. confirmation that it kills gaming.
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