Not gonna lie... Only game I'm looking forward to is FF X HD remaster...

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Yes there's a few straight ports in there. There are also plenty of enhanced remakes that will be worth a go for fans (FF, Atelier and Oddworld games) as well as plenty of brand new games such as Killzone, Tearaway, Guacamelee!, Dragons Crown and Muramasa.

What's wrong with that?

That anyone finds Munch a good game, or even playable, is insane, and this is coming from someone who played the hell out of the first two games.

Most of this list is very underwhelming. I bought into the hype for Guacamelee, and found a very boring 5 hour trip instead. It is glitchy up the ass too to boot.

I agree. When it first came out I tried a demo of Munch in stores and it was absolutely horrible. I won't be playing the HD re-release, but the remake of the Abe games will be a worth a go.

I haven't had a chance to try Guacamelee! yet but the presentation looks fantastic based on trailers. Killzone, Tearaway and Dragon's Crown look like excellent additions to their respective genre's to me though.
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Muramasa is a port

is it though? i feel it's more like an enchanced remake.
PSVita no games?
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Strike, the difference with those games is that they will be portable. A game like Terraria is fun to play from time to time on the PC, but I would rather play it on a handheld. All these games are just the "on to go" version so I am going to be getting at least 90% of those games... I think handhelds are perfect homes for indies and downloadable smaller games. I can play my super AAA blockbusters on my PC or 360/ps3... I don't pull out the vita for that same experience.
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