If you could have 1 ps1 rpg remastered, what would it be?

#91RecinoPosted 4/21/2013 3:29:45 AM
Gut tells me Legend of Dragoon. But then I remember FFIX. Man I love that game.
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#92NihiluxPosted 4/21/2013 3:54:09 AM
If you mean a remake: Final Fantasy VIII.

Why? Because there's a lot of room for improvement of the game's systems. This includes: re-imagining the magic system, the limit break system, the junction system, as well as clarifying some story elements better,.
It would also probably easier handle the transition from PS1 graphics to PS4 graphics, because of the characters actually being proportionally represented in the original PS1 game.
They could also add more additional content, mini-games (expanding Triple Triad even further?), rebalance the game, they could re-imagine the Chocobo World mini-game into something for Android & iOS, they could even add additional characters that you can recruit.
#93MathewMansonPosted 4/21/2013 4:17:08 AM
Favourite Final Fantasy? http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/704528-final-fantasy-xv/65961290
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HoIlywood posted...
If your first and final answer wasn't Legend of Legaia, you are wrong

If your first and final answer wasn't "None, I want some goddamn new exclusive titles for this stupid port machine", you are wrong.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.
#95crozz07Posted 4/21/2013 4:41:49 AM
Definitely Saga Frontier ^_^ favorite rpg of all time...
#96NewavePosted 4/21/2013 4:43:48 AM
Granstream Saga

Final Fantasy VII and Legend of Legaia are my runner ups because there exists no team of people that could do it properly with FFVII without ruining it and Legaia 2 Duel Saga already exists, rendering a remaster of Legend of Legaia redundant.
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#97cyounexttuesdayPosted 4/21/2013 5:00:57 AM
Suikoden II

Always wanted to play it, never found it available for less than 100 though, so a remastered and - more importantly - a vastly cheaper version would be greatly welcomed.
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HoIlywood posted...
If your first and final answer wasn't Legend of Legaia, you are wrong

What a waste
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Arn544 posted...
Holy_Oblivion posted...
Digimon World 2. But then again they remade the first with improvements all around, so it's not too out of the realm of possibility.

What? they never remade the first one.

What about DW: RE:Digitilize. It's remake of DW.

For me, BoFIII or FFT would be good news.
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