Owning a VITA kinda make you feel like your owning a Sega Saturn?

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Starwars4J posted...
ryudin89 posted...
To me it feels more like owning the dreamcast again.

The Dreamcast was a much beloved system that was praised for its amazing library though

It does feel like a Sega console on the go.

And while DC gets praised for its library but, like the DC and Saturn its an unappreciated gaming console with niche titles, Fighters, SHMUPs not quite there but, I think that will come down the line.
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nsf2play posted...
Vita is selling really well in Japan now and has quite a few games. So it's not at all like the Sega Saturn.

It's just... sales in the US are horrible, so developers don't want to take a chance and translate + export games to such a small market.

Wouldn't this make it more like the saturn ? The saturn did very well in Japan (and had most of its games there), much like the Vita atm.
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ryudin89 posted...
To me it feels more like owning the dreamcast again.

Whoa, bring the Vita back down to earth for a minute..

The Dreamcast preceded the golden years of CAPCOM in my opinion. But Capcom doesn't seem to like the Vita as much as they did Sega's final console.

Also, Vita needs more "arcade ports" before it can parade around as a Dreamcast. Vita is tapping more into the "Indy games" circuit.