Why did Sony decide to put weak-ass fairies in the Vita?

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Because it's better than weak ass-fariees in the Vita.
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Sylph's or Dryad's would suit the Vita better than faeries. They have higher charisma and wisdom. :-)

The lowly 3DS is stuck with pixies. Pffft! Pixies are so lame!

hey, 3ds is not stuck with pixies! It has flying fairies! And they are brave enough to fight for it worldwide... from 2014 onwards >.<

My Vita has a dead pixie right in the middle of the screen. It's only noticeable against a black background, but it's annoying and I want my monies back!

Poor pixie.
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Why am I the only one outraged by this.DO YOU ALL THINK THIS IS A GAME?! This is serious business! I will never pick up my playstation poopy any longer! Sony needs a Vita 2000 Go just to address this problem.

I heard they're planning to feed aether dust to all the fairies in the Vita.
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The real question is why did they pack this thing with so much attack if it has no weapons.

Haha, nice.
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