When to buy a Vita?

#1americanritualPosted 4/26/2013 10:18:24 AM
So I missed the boat on the black friday deal cause I could care less for the Vita at the time. Now I've got the cash and it's burning a hole in my pocket. I just don't want to drop the money on it knowing a price drop or new bundle is bound to be around the corner. Any news from the Vita lurkers when this might happen?
#2yankee6903Posted 4/26/2013 10:20:47 AM
There MIGHT be a price drop announced at E3 but thats June. So get one now unless you want to wait until July
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#3Azure_lKitePosted 4/26/2013 10:20:48 AM
I'd say wait until E3, but IMO the system is worth $250.
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#4JerichoDarkstarPosted 4/26/2013 10:23:20 AM
Well, with the PS4 right around the corner, you may want to save up the $$$ for that. But, if you've gotta have a Vita know, I would definitely just go ahead and buy it. Like Azure said, it's worth the money.
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#5americanritual(Topic Creator)Posted 4/26/2013 10:28:42 AM
Ugh, not really wanting to wait till July. That PS+ bundle looks pretty good methinks. Thanks for the response doods.
#6Bud2003Posted 4/26/2013 1:54:41 PM
Target still has the Lego Batman 2 package for $225. I bought mine there last week.
#7Bancario51Posted 4/26/2013 1:55:19 PM
when the PS4 comes out.
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#8AiuchiFanboiPosted 4/26/2013 2:22:13 PM
Well if you buy one before 5/10 I can get you a $20 PSN card if you use me as a referance. Sony sent me a referal deal card in the mail about 3 weeks ago thats good until may 10. If you want the link you can PM me. I of course would also get a $20 card, so it benifits me as well.

Its not much but its $20
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