There is real problem with Sony Europe and Sony America

#1GamerOfThronePosted 4/29/2013 5:41:56 AM
Sony Japan did a lot for the Vita ( we almost could say they did everything ) while the 2 others just spit on the Vita, they dont try to sell it ( no tv commercial when Soul Sacrifice is coming, Nintendo would make one even if the game is special) , they dont bring any bundle from Japan ( even for the PS3 ) and when i ask Yoshida about this, he have no answer, its like each part of Sony was running on her own
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old news man. SCEA and SCEE are garbage. Only redeeming quality is they localize their 1st party titles quickly.

IMO, Yoshida seems like an idiot who doesn't know what to say. Like when he said Vita + PS3 = Remote Play = Wii U

when there's like 11 (mostly PSN) games that support.

I could be wrong about Yoshida but thats how i perceive him based on the few statements I've seen from him
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btw TC, did you watch Game of Thrones last night night? I'm gonna watch it later this evening (HBO Go FTW)
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Sony Japan is the head no ?

Why are they so soft ? They could just fire them.
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No, i 'll watch it later today, there is few others to watch ( Vikings, Continuum,... ) the best to the end.

Iwata seems to be a bit stupid i agree, he seems overwhelmed by the situation, he's meant to be THE guy, he's the one who should bring games, make deal for Sony ( Kaz Hirai was so good at this job... ) , no, he prefer to do nothing significant and say " vita will become heaven for indies " , yeah, very clever dude, we bough the vita to play only indies game...Just move your ass and get us some real games too -_-