If you could have any 3DS game/series ported to the Vita, what would it be?

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The Mario series without a doubt. Mario Kart, NSMB, Super Mario 3D Land with Vita caliber graphics would make me drool. A Pokemon Gold/Silver remake with Vita graphics is a close second.
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Either SMT IV or Soul Hackers, just so I could postpone getting a 3DS just a while longer. Oh well... Soul Hackers won't be released in Europe until Fall anyway, so I won't have to worry about it any time soon.

soul hackers is dope the map on the second screen is nice i dont think its necessarily needed it though...it would deffinately run better on the vita and the could push the graphics further the 3d in the cutscenes arent too appealing mostly because theres a black border around them making the image look smaller than the already small screen and thus almost completely nullifying the 3ds affect or atleast most of it

It's a port of a Saturn game, bro.
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Tales of the Abyss.
Maybe Kid Icarus with the dual analogs i could stand to give it another go but i really hated the garbage controls.
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The Devil survivor series.
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Even though I already have a 3ds, I still wish some of the games came on vita:

Rune Factory 4. The enhanced graphics would make it 10x better.

Kid Icarus: Uprising and any following games (loved it)


Just for the hell of it: Ocarina of Time
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Suppaman234 posted...
The Mario series without a doubt. Mario Kart, NSMB, Super Mario 3D Land with Vita caliber graphics would make me drool. A Pokemon Gold/Silver remake with Vita graphics is a close second.

Have you tried Sonic Racing Transformed? Mario Kart was one of the reasons I wanted to get a 3DS. Now, it's one less reason for me to get a 3DS. It's not as polished as Mario Kart games (some annoying bugs, designs, etc.) but it's now my favorite kart racer of all time.
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stargazer64 posted...

There is nothing wrong with the way Luigi's Mansion plays on 3DS.

And KI would be more comfortable to play with dual analog but would also have slow and inaccurate aiming.


4.00 in, compared to the original which had dual analogue support, it's clunky and the button layout is done pretty badly.

CPP support could have made ZL and ZR blow and suck, with L dark light and R flash light.

As for KIU being slow, only if they didn't add a sensitivity slider. As for the accuracy claim... Never have I ever heard such garbage, as you just need to head to youtube and you'll find hundreds of sniping vids done with analogues.

You can become insanely accurate with anything if you practice enough, speed is the only thing that truly matters, which is why a Mouse will always win as using 6400dpi is crazy fast and analogues will never match that sort of speed.

Mouse>Dual Analogue>Touch Screen>Wii Pointer

Used all 4 extensively and I really couldn't rate them any other way.

Just in case you doubt, a review using each of the 4 (some people seem t refuse to believe others online unless proof is posted, so this saves time in case you are one of those aforementioned people)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHza68P2nvU Crysis 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFw_lbCdTbk Uncharted 3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSYt21EbsaA Kid Icarus

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGebVh3wObY COD Reflex

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Kid Icarus Uprising Online is amazing what you smoking

No, it's mediocre.

What would be amazing, is if it allowed friends to go online. I have 3 mates with KIU, only 1 has actually played it for longer than 5 mins. Which means I am constantly only online with 1 other person, because you can't make a party and go online either in team games or solo games.

I play a ton of games online with the same 3 people and all of them allow us to play online with others, except KIU.

I am so sick of fighting bots, even when the other 2 do join, it means 2 bots to get to 6 (and 10 would be a much better number too as some stages are way too big for 6).

So yeah, if you're a billy no mates who only plays online with strangers, it might be great, but with buds, it's severely lacking.
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Dragonquest games, especially the 7 which is coming soon.

the next The World Ends with You. :-) since they ported the first one on ipad, i truly hope they make it on vita too.

nintendo sealed games arent possible unless nintendo stops doing hardware like sega, and i doubt it will be a thing of a near future. But if it happens, bring em on.

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You don't.

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Animal Crossing.

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