Best PSP Racing Game?

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ImpulseDOM posted...
Motorstorm looks pretty sweet. To go a little off topic here, there are so many good PSP games at what I'd consider to be dirt cheap prices! Now I don't even know of a racing game is the way to go.

Ha ha yeah you are right.On the psp boards delta blade x has done lots of polls which rated the psp games check that out.You might find something there.
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I'm gonna have to have a look at that.

Btw, keep em coming if anyone can think of some others!
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GT is the best, TC! Get it!
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if you want real racing, get F1 2012.

but for the ps3 or xbox 360 lol. on the vita, its crap.

its a very deep game. play it with a wheel and manual transmission. OMFG brah. beats gran turismo and forza.