Looking for some online friends.

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3 years ago#1
Buying Soul Sacrifice in the next couple days, looking to add some new friends for Vita, since all of my current ones are only on PS3.

Will also be getting Killzone Mercenary and other multi player titles in the future. PSN is Poodlenaut.
3 years ago#2
add me
PSN(ps3+Vita)+GT= FeelinKorny
3 years ago#3
PSN - gldoorii
Live - xgldooriix
3 years ago#4
hey im really laid back....new to the vita also looking for friends!

my psn is kurosawasghost

3 years ago#5
PSN: babbols123

Message me first so I know and I got you.
"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!"
3 years ago#6
I don't really focus on multiplayer, but if I had more 'friends' I think I would be more inclined to play online.
Hey baby. I noticed you have braces. I have braces, too.
PSN: fuzywuzy
3 years ago#7
psprulz2007 posted...
add me
PSN: RadKickAss /// 3DS: 0662-2594-4115
3 years ago#8
Hey man, add me GtotheA512.
3 years ago#9
Add me too psn taylo819 I have no real life friends that really play video games these days
Playing: Disgaea 4, Dragon's Dogma
3 years ago#10
add me
I'll back you up
PSN: revvie11
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