Sony gets a sadbutnotsurprisedpanda to do it's Vita presentation at E3, your

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Sony's surprise E3 announcements

Wild Arms 6 for Vita
Suikoden Tactics 2 for Vita
Grandia 5 for Vita
a Ball of Yarn for shadow.
Port of ttt 2 for vita
Breath of fire 5
Jean DÁrc 2
They will give Xseed a undisclosed amount of money to bring the remaining trails games to the west.
A bottle of tears for Strike
Shining Ark

Free Killer Bunny plushies for all who attend.
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i'd eat u
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Man, your topics are terrible.
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And this is one of the better ones.
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Yeah okay, when was the last time they showed a JRPG in their press conference?
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I'm going to sue Manji for copyright infringement.


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Just Wild Arms and Breath of Fire alone is enough to satisfy me.
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What a stalker
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I whant a plushie.

and some soup for the homeless bum.
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more soup sacrifice.
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