Whats the Vita lineup look like currently and in the coming months?

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User Info: megamanfan123

3 years ago#1
I have a 3DS which I play quite often but the games just really arent to my liking. I was looking at the Vita and its games and I didnt see a TON of games out there. I work quite a lot and I like to bring a handheld to work to play on my breaks and Ive already played the must have 3DS games and the Vita suits my interests more being a multimedia console. My real question is, how is the Vita lineup right now and whats it looking like in the coming months? Worth dropping 250 for a Vita? Also, is the Vita region locked. Thats my gripe with the 3DS that its region locked so i cant import any European or Japanese games without needing a console respective to the region.

User Info: LyonDRC

3 years ago#2
I'm looking forward to Ys and I own Persona 4: Golden and Disgaea 3, this three games are a must for me. Also, you could get a PS+ and get around... 4 games for free I believe and a bunch of discounts in others. There are also PSP and PS1 games available in the PSN, there are a lot of must games in there too. Answering your question, I'll say it's definetly worth getting a PS Vita for $250 (or at least for me) and no, the PS Vita isn't region locked like the 3DS, so you'll be able to import games from Japan and Europe.
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User Info: Shadowfxd2

3 years ago#3
Ports and clones so far. The future looks bleak with jak collection and tearaway and that's about it. Just wait for e3 lol, it will be loaded lol.
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User Info: dolorsitamet

3 years ago#4
interesting games and sales come up every month, so I'm good with it. as my budget is $50/month. since I don't have tons of money & time to play tons of games.

though kind of worried in september, all 3 I want. probably killzone have to wait longer.
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User Info: Absolutezero93

3 years ago#5
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User Info: Compass

3 years ago#6
Absolutezero93 posted...

It's dry, Jerry. Totally dry.

User Info: RussiaOne

3 years ago#7

that is all
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