Given how sony handled the PSP and the Vita, will YOU buy another SONY handheld?

#111DanahellPosted 5/4/2013 10:33:45 PM
From: hurley4 | Posted: 5/4/2013 10:48:42 PM
I don't understand how handhelds sell in the first place. Anyone 25+ with a job shouldn't have time to use a handheld outside of time at home, in which consoles should rein.

Maybe because they sell mainly with people who don't have jobs yet?
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I wound up buying 3 PSP's over the course of like 3 years. One broke, and I sold 2. I liked the PSP for the most part, but it didn't enough games. I pretty much only played RPGs and GoW games and once I finished whatever game I was playing it would just sit there and collect dust until another game I wanted to play came out.... usually months apart, hence why I sold it twice.

I absolutely love my VITA. I've stated it numerous times across these boards. When I first heard about it I didn't even read up on it or anything. TBH I never thought I would buy one. I bought it used and pretty much got it just to play P4G, I hadn't even looked into the other games available. But I was so pleasantly surprised with the VITA that it has pretty much taken over my gaming these past few months.

I love the game selection, not just the VITA exclusives, but the classics, psp games and psn games. Hell, I have 16 games installed on it right now. That's just the ones that are installed, I probably have 40 games that I've purchased on the PSN and can go back and download at any time.

Soooooo tl;dr - Yes. Yes I would buy one. I believe the VITA will eventually start selling really well in the US and Sony will make another handheld in a few years with more cross play/compatibility with the PS4.
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PSP had a great library of games, Vita too is building one up, plus allows you to have Final Fantasy I - IX (with X & X-2 soon) to be on the same console on one memory card. I was happy with the PSP, and I'm now even happier with the Vita. My only real issue with the Vita is no Video Out option, but aside from that, I'm in love with it. I'd gladly buy another Vita handheld.
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<begin rant>

overall, if a portable gaming system is going to have games that i like from franchises i like, then i'm buyin' it. this is especially true with me and portables due to the fact that i'm more of a portable gamer than i am a home console gamer. with today's quality of handheld games, my love for portables has grown even more in the past decade simply because of the the type of console-quality games we can now have/play/enjoy in the palm of our hands.

when it comes to Sony's portables thus far... of course i'd buy another Sony portable. the PSP was and STILL IS great fun (I have a huge backlog of games still to play)! plus there's the fact that my preferences in games tend to fall more towards Sony-style/types of games. Sony systems seem to always have the games i love & enjoy a little bit more (1 or 2 notches up) than the games often found on Nintendo systems.

and then there's the very little worry i have in regards to any perceived temporary lack of support that some people have stereotyped Sony with. the PSP, as WILL be the case with the Vita, has followed the same type of sales progress and slower/longer term build up of a game library AND install-base as some of its other systems. while the PS2 was Sony's best selling system, such success did not happen over night... although it did happen in a more rapid fashion as compared to the PS1, PS3, and the PSP, all 3 of which saw a much slower but steady march towards building their quality gaming libraries and thus commercial success.

between the time of its launch and up until now, it is that very same & familiar slow and steady march that i can easily see that is also happening with the Vita... it had a strong line-up of games at launch and has since lowered its pace of releases of quality games. however with Sony you know things don't change over night, but you can count on them staying the course all the way through to the end maintaining a high quality throughout. i believe most people at Sony see their gaming division(s) relate to the well known quote, "slow & steady wins the race" with "winning the race" not meaning winning 1st place but achieving success in sales overall in the end.

<end rant>

so with all of that said, if it wasn't clear in the beginning, yes of course i'd feel perfectly comfortable buying another Sony portable. there's no hesitation here... DAY ONE buy for me for sure!.
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How so Hurley?
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ITP posted...
I'm extremely pleased with my Vita, and was pleased with my PSP, so a definite yes.

agree the games are nice and look great on the vita way better than my 3ds plus the 3ds does not have a huge library its just as small for how long its been out,you cant call ds games 3ds because then you miight as well say the vita has a huge section of games-psp,ps1,vita thats alot of dam games to pick from./
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Danahell posted...
From: hurley4 | Posted: 5/4/2013 10:48:42 PM
I don't understand how handhelds sell in the first place. Anyone 25+ with a job shouldn't have time to use a handheld outside of time at home, in which consoles should rein.

Maybe because they sell mainly with people who don't have jobs yet?

I hope you both are kidding.

A handheld gives an adult who has a job the ability to play on the way to work [depending on transportation] during breaks and on the way back home and in between.

Sure they may only catch 15-20 minutes in each case, but it still provides more entertainment than can be afforded in some instances from a core console.
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I loved the PSP. I don't think I ever sank as many hours into any other system.

The Vita is also pretty nice but disappointing, at times it's like Sony doesn't even care about it. :/
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#120RussiaOnePosted 5/5/2013 2:04:16 AM
Vita is the best handheld I've ever played. And I've played them all- the good ones, anyway.

Even knowing what i know now about Sony's horrific-seeming non-interest, I'd buy Vita again- at launch.
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