What are some games you want for the Vita?

#1the_blood_wolfPosted 5/4/2013 7:45:53 PM
Mine would be Record of Agarest War or Valkyria Chronicles. Nothing like a good SRPG.
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#2Phloyd456Posted 5/4/2013 8:42:52 PM
Pangya Fantasy Golf (a new version)
Blood Bowl (Latest Edition)
Tomb Raider
Final Fantasy MMO (Not gonna happen)
Harvest Moon
Borderlands spinoff
Game of Thrones type game
Elder Scrolls
#3AiuchiFanboiPosted 5/4/2013 9:02:14 PM
NA PSO2 release
Demons Souls/Demons Souls 2
Halo 5
WKC games
Suda 51 games
Persona 5
Gunbird colection
Gigawing collection
Strikers 1945 collection
Under Defeat
Death Smiles 1 and 2
DoDonPachi collection
Tohou collection
Bullet Soul
Raiden Collection
EDF 2025
Akai Katana
R-Type final 2(hehe)
Gradius collection

Pretty much any and all shmups...
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#4Prometheus4208Posted 5/4/2013 10:43:10 PM
You can play Valkyria Chronicles 2 on it, TC. Just so you know. You have to buy it on your PS3 (or maybe you can do it on your PC too now, I haven't tried) and then transfer it to your VITA and install it.

It's awesome to play on the VITA too since you can just put it into sleep mode in the middle of battles, don't have to worry about losing progress and what not.
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#5uncharted1212Posted 5/4/2013 10:47:10 PM
mass effect
#6GaisaphPosted 5/4/2013 10:51:14 PM
#7Prometheus4208Posted 5/4/2013 10:53:27 PM
I'm assuming we're talking hypothetically, so for the games I would want:

Diablo 3 - I know it won't happen, but it would be awesome
SMT Nocturne
A ton of PS2 RPG's - ports or emulated, doesn't matter
Terraria - Which was supposed to happen but I'm not sure if it still is
Persona 5
Final Fantasy 12
Brave Story - PSP game that isn't on the PSN
Tales of Vesperia - redone and with added content. Kinda like TotA on the 3DS
Some sort of MMORPG - not like Ragnarok Odyssey
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#8TinyTim123Posted 5/4/2013 11:04:32 PM
Armored Core
Classic Resident Evil
Warriors Orochi 3
Capcom vs SNK 2
Champions of Norrath