Media Create Week 18.. No wonder this circuit failed. It says "Made in Japan"

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Im finding it pure comedy gold that LOL calls a laptop a handheld console, gets called out on it not only by me but several others, and then tries to post the thread in this one saying that isnt what he said. Even after others in this thread even said that's what he said.

It is beyond sad that Goon has to rely on his imaginary friends to back him up since his lone white Knight abandoned ship after 3 posts.

And Lol at him trying to win over Vishana. This is so cute, its making me nauseous.

Goon isn't winning me over don't worry. I'm merely saying the Goon obsession is kinda ridiculous now. It's time to move on.

:( and here I thought we could run hand in hand through the tulips together!

lol. I'm afraid that's a point for Goon.

Yeah credit where credit is due...that point is WELL deserved!
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Am i the only one who thinks this topic got stupid. Laptop, vita, who cares that much about the semantics of portable. Problem with the vita has never been about graphics but lack of exclusives. Give me good exclusives that look decent. If i cared about just graphics id get it on my pc or console.