Does Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions LAG on the Vita?

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I'd like to see a side by side video of this lag because I've played it on both systems and didn't notice any issues on PSP.

Ive played it on mine worked fine as well
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The lag is programmed into the game.

You have to wonder why though. The only reason I can think of is to make the attacks look more epic, but it doesn't have that effect at all. And they clearly didn't put much work into it because the sound effects play at normal speed, so the sound stops playing half way through every animation.

It's to offset UMD loading problems. They give the game enough time to load up it's next set of assets after an animation by purposefully delaying it. This wouldn't be a problem on digital except it has to be the same way as the UMD version for presumably business and legal reasons

The lag sucks but you can either patch it using eCFW (Not gonna say how because that's against the GameFAQs ToS and you're not likely to know how anyway if you don't already have it)/use a modded PSP OR just live with it

I don't think it's to help load times or the patch wouldn't work. I wonder why Square doesn't just contact whoever created the patch and just make it an official patch?
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