Its official: Bravely Default 3DS is superior than Persona 4: The Golden Vita

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In commemoration of having achieved 1st place for the Dengeki Online Award 2012ís consumer section, the team was awarded the above impressive Bravely Default: Flying Fairy cake. The game managed to beat Persona 4: Golden (2nd place) and Rune Factory 4 (3rd) in the category.

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DemonDog topic.

Seriously, same level at least.
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You are now tracking this topic.
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I'm getting a 3DS for Flying Fairy :)

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Rotuhiiri posted...
DemonDog topic.

Seriously, same level at least.

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where is the popcorn guy
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well, seeing ones a port and ones a new game...
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Lord Erieos is coming...
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When will Japanese people start liking things that don't look like PS1/PS2 titles? I wish Japan would move on from their crappy looking game fetish. I remember when Japan used to push graphics, not enjoy making them look worse every generation.
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People still have console wars these days? There's nothing to keep you back from getting all the consoles that fancy you, you know.
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Since this game rely on micro transaction when people leave for mop this game will be I survive