Will you say this year E3 for vita is worse than last year?

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Mwulf posted...
What's a "big, worthy title?" Sony doesn't rely on big first-party titles. Today was Sony's show. Let all of the other developers show off their stuff tomorrow. The most interesting games are always shown off after the first day of E3. The first day is always only ever the biggest companies announcing things we either already knew about or were expecting anyway.

Something exclusive to Vita and made by more than 5 people. Something that can only be done on Vita. Something that will draw people in. Something that isn't another piece of indie trash about zombies or aliens.
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this year is understandable, as they are about to release PS4

last year was very unacceptable!! Wonderbook over Vita?? c'mooooonnnnn
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Starwars4J posted...
Mwulf posted...
E3 isn't over.

It's barely started.


Way to jump the gun.

Oh cool, when is Sony's next conference this E3?

I laughed harder than I should have at this.

But just remember what happened last year; they had a bunch of smaller Vita games on the show floor that they didn't think would look good on the big screen.
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The real kick in the nuts was showing off the really cool looking indie games.....that are on ps4.

This E3 was worse. Even though I expected very, very little.
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