I think im done with Vita

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instead of worrying for some company, i'll play whatever games interest me
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Gotrys posted...
cheezedadada posted...
You have still got at a minimum:

Dragons Crown (also on PS3 - on BIG screen)
Killzone (Wanna play Killzone? Choose Shadow Fall.)
Tearaway (a good game... probably)
Toukiden (Dynasty Garbage/Monster Hunter rip-off? No, thanks. Oh, they gonna change the title)
Ys (don't care about this series)
Rayman Legends (also on WiiU)
Muramasa (Have this on Wii)
Jak & Daxter (Have these on PS2)
VK3 (It's a terrible game!)
Warriors Lair (LOL!)
FFX HD (Have this on PS2, maybe not in HD, but who cares?)
FFX-2 HD (see FFX HD, also... this is really lazy sequel)
Blackgate (also on 3DS)
....and a metric **** ton of indie games if you are into it. (I'm not.)

I was having fun being negative last night, but there are still DOZENS of fun games coming.

So, yeah. I have my minimum: Tearaway... wow...

I can play that on the big screen! Then why by a hand held?!
I don't like this game so it doesn't exist!
I don't care for the series so it doesn't exist!
It's not an exclusive game so I can't play it on the vita!
Ps2 port!? I didn't expect that after the psp was largely a ps1 emulator.
Vita has no games?!

I'll keep enjoying a great piece of hardware and I will never understand how people can't enjoy this system.
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correction: Vita is done with you.
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It's always sad when hardware doesnt live up to your expectations. But, at the same time, i cant help but wonder what you thought it was gonna be, tc. As near as i can tell, vita is a better psp which always had a weak library.

I have the same problem with my wiiu, right now. I bought it with high hopes and im kinda mad that my nintendo machine currently has no nintendo games. In fact i ended up buying a ps3 and a vita just because i wanted things to play through the droughts.

The ps3 is, obviously, great for everything except nintendo games, and the vita is truly great, to me, as a kind of 'greatest playstation hits' player and indie machine. Ive been playing rocketbirds, space blob, the metal gears, god of wars, ghostbusters psp, gta, lbp and will probably hit up the metalslug collection and some of the final fantasy's later on.

Granted, i got my vita with the 32gb card for 130 usd, but, still. It seems like theres a ridiculous amount of stuff available if you dont mind downloading. Unit 13 is also pretty cool, imo.
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Ditto. No PSO2 or anything in the horizon that isn't a port I already own. It's a shame. Awesome machine.

I will repurchase if PSO2 comes out a few years from now and it comes in white! Missed out on the AC bundle.

Too hyped on the PS4 to regret it. Besides, I can trade it in towards the Ps4.
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