PS All stars Battle Royale sales not enough for more DLC/guaranteed sequel

#41tripZ504Posted 6/13/2013 1:18:27 PM
WrestlinFan posted...
So is the game worth it for 25$?

Only if u have a ps3. Then you'll get bolth versions.
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#42deathslovePosted 6/13/2013 1:51:12 PM
It is on sale for $14, hmm I want to buy it, but I think it will become a free PS+ game.
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Nnamz posted...
Stop making fun of poor people bro.

We have feelings :(
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Nnamz posted...
Stop making fun of poor people bro.

I have nothing against poor people! Some of my friends are poor!
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Nnamz posted...
zandm7 posted...
I happen to quite like the game. Is it perfect? No. But it sure is damned fun. That's all I care about.

Hope we still get a sequel.

I really like it as well. It's a flawed, but fun game.

(I will also whoop your ass in this game)

I haven't really played online much yet :P Only got the game a few weeks ago and I'm swamped with a ton of games right now (suddenly acquiring $200 on the PSN will do that to you), so I haven't even finished Arcade mode for every character yet.

Plus I just got P4G so yeah, there goes like a few months of my life...
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