Where did my memory go?

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3 years ago#1
And no, I'm not talking about all of the forgettable things I do when I'm blackout drunk ; )

My Vita. I love it. I defend it/recommend it to any serious gamer. But I have a question. I have an 8 GB card. I don't buy games digitally, preferring a physical copy. The exception is some of my old PSP favorites.

Recently I bought Peace Walker on the PS Store. I then tried to download another one of my favs (Resistance: Retribution) only to find out that my memory card is apparently out of memory. How can this be so? I checked the system information and other than the Peace Walker data (which is around 1.5 gigs) I can't see what else is taking up so much room. Can anyone explain this to me?
3 years ago#2
Sorry for the confusion man! I know when I found the following out, I was pretty upset:

But with all memory card/sticks, the memory is a bit lower than the memory card/stick 'states'.

For instance, depending on the memory card type/what it's intended for,

2gb memory stick could be like 1.7gb, in actuality.

I know for my 16gb ipod nano, it was actually about 14gb.

Best of luck man! :)
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