Which wrestling game is better? WWE allstars,SvR 2010 or SvR2011?

#1mach25687Posted 6/21/2013 8:14:31 AM
Thinking of also getting a wrestling game too.
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#2Undrey_Posted 6/21/2013 8:39:00 AM
The PSP version of All Stars is a mess, 2010 had a good story mode I think (don't remember) and I haven't played 2011, but it's most likely the same game with a new story and roster.
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#3gldooriiPosted 6/21/2013 8:54:26 AM
At this point I'd say 2011 is the best. Didn't really like All-Stars at all, but I've had no problems with 09-11 at all.
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#4darkus_fPosted 6/21/2013 9:44:33 AM
2011's gameplay is way better than 2010's but 2010 has a sweet story mode. But overall 2011 wins.
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#5LukenatmePosted 6/21/2013 6:11:33 PM
SvR 2011 is the first year that they used Universe mode.

I bought it to play on my Vita. I finally found an "unlock all" save that works with unhacked systems (most saves are for PSP's running custom firmware) and most create-a-wrestler formulas work with a little bit of effort--even the ones for PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360. The PSP's CAW options are obviously more limited, but once you get the hang of the formulas you can figure out how to make the limitations work. Gameplay-wise, it's pretty fun if you need a wrassler on the go.
#6OximofoPosted 6/21/2013 6:15:35 PM
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#7WrestlinFanPosted 6/21/2013 6:42:39 PM(edited)
All-Stars on PSP sucks. Sound effects, CAW, and loading times are all garbage.

2011 is really great. Get that out of the three.

If you can though I'd really recommend WWE'13. It blows all the PSP games out of the water.

Gah, why can't WWE2K'14 come to Vita.
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