What game(s) are you currently excited for/waiting to be released?

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2 years ago#21
I'm looking forward to Dragons Crown. I was excited for Ys, but I didn't really enjoy Ys Seven, so the excitement died.
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2 years ago#22
GoW collection-Always was interested I this series. Picked it up during Black Friday but I was 16 so they didn't let me buy it
Killzone Mercs.- this game is keeping me from getting CoD Vita, so it deserves a great big clap.
Tearaway-Media Molecule
Binding of Isaac- I have it on PC but it is defiantly a couch game.
Edit: forgot DBZ. Budokai Tenkaichi 2 is one of my favorite fighting games, and this is apparently similar. Hope there is a huge character roster.
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2 years ago#23
LuciferTerror posted...
GamingNerd2013 posted...
Wow, you guys posted a lot of games. So I don't see why the majority of the people say there's no games on the Vita?

Honestly, those posts caught me off guard as well..

I think the Vita could come out with 10 games a month and people will still complain that it doesn't have games.

I'm waiting for
Starlight inception

and a couple of others on the buy if i actually clear some of my backlog list. I think it was a mistake starting with P4G on my Vita, its eating all my time. Disgaea 3 was next on my to play list but i think i'm going to switch it out for something shorter first.
2 years ago#24
2 years ago#25
Mainly Killzone, Batman, Muramasa and Ys. I'll also get Dragon's Crown, FFX HD and the new DBZ but not sure for PS3 or Vita yet.

Oh and can't forget Freedom Wars hopefully Sony will bring it over.
2 years ago#26
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
Demon Gaze
Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash
God Eater 2
Freedom Wars
J-Stars Victory Vs
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1
Super Heroine Chronicles
Danganronpa 1 & 2 Reload
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
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2 years ago#27
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
Batman Arkham Origins.

That's about it.
2 years ago#28
lego marvel suphero, dbz battle of z, killzone
2 years ago#29
Arkham Origins is probably my most anticipated release on any console.

Killzone to see what it can do on the Vita. Still haven't picked up Hotline Miami or Gaucamelee. Those are probably my top 4. Throw some Dragon Fantasy Book 1/2 in there.
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2 years ago#30
From the vita?

Dragon's Crown



Valhalla 3

Killzone Merc

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  3. What game(s) are you currently excited for/waiting to be released?

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