2013 Has Been/Will Be a Good Year for the Vita

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Your lack of awareness of a term is not a sufficient negation for the truth value of any given claim. I didn't know that the last two games in the Phoenix Wright trilogy had been localized for the DS. My lack of awareness didn't alter the facts of the matter. This is no less true for this discussion. You never knew that defintion because you never encountered it. Now you do know that definition.

My only lack of awareness was of your intention to present opinion as fact.
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I kind of want to play Malicious Rebirth. Malicious is sort of fun. I love the wings!
Karneval is so cute
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Are you speaking to me or to djmaster1994?

djmaster - don't worry, I'm familiar with him and he is most definitely out to bash Sony and praise Nintendo at every opportunity he gets.
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Ports and remakes can't be good games?


This. 100 % agreed.

Having mostly ports and remakes is a terrible waste.
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hardly no must have exclusive
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