Which game would you rather see on the Vita...

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User Info: GamingNerd2013

3 years ago#1
A new Infamous, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Splinter Cell, Tomb Raider, or Assassin's Creed?

I would love to see a spin-off Infamous game or Tomb Raider.

Splinter Cell would be awesome as well.

User Info: GamingNerd2013

3 years ago#2
I forgot to put Devil May Cry too so include that on the list.

User Info: foxgamer92

3 years ago#3
What Dante would be in DMC?
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User Info: lockheart47

3 years ago#4
Out of those options. Tomb raider is the only game i actually like still so... Tomb Raider

User Info: sEmesextrEm

3 years ago#5
Definitely Infamous... as long as it had free-roaming.

If not, then Assassins Creed. Id be willing to give it another go, even though Liberation was pretty Meh.
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User Info: mangaroo

3 years ago#6
Infamous, GTA and DMC would be cool too actually.

Although still have decent hopes for Malicious Rebirth if they can get the fps alright. Haven't heard much about it but I know it has been on out PS3 for a while, think I even have it on PS+.

Not GoW, not for a while. PSP and the collections will do. I didn't even bother with Ascension but I loved 3, just too many for me personally, I'd like something we haven't seen on a portable like Infamous.

Both sound so good really.

Capcom aren't playing nice with the Vita these days really though, might have to wait on that.

I just read about some sort of Infamous leak from amazon france too?

Who knows, been saying we need it for a while.

User Info: cheezedadada

3 years ago#7
The new Tomb Raider game was surprisingly amazing....If its on the level of the reboot, then I would go TR.
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User Info: psvitantifail

3 years ago#8
infamous!!!! Eivil cole ps vita Limited Edition
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User Info: Roachmeat

3 years ago#9
Tomb Raider so much.

Even better if SONY works a deal in to put the classic "top heavy" Lara Croft in as multiplayer DLC.

Offline multi-player as an option to wi-fi would be the cherry on top.
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User Info: jmtstan

3 years ago#10
New Vita owner!!!
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