Do psone games that dont show up on the Vita store playable on the vita?

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Some of them can be transfered via your PS3, despite not showing on your Vita's PSN store. You just have to pay attention to the game's description, where it should state whether or not it's compatible with a Vita. Sames goes for the PSP games.

Looking for anything in particular?
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oh ya, and keep the install file! when i install a psone game on the ps3, it automatically deletes the install file. (maybe i have an option to prevent it doing so, i dont know)
i had to re-download every games i needed the install files for the vita. :-/

here in quebec, we got limited bandwidh
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Here's a list of what's playable from American accounts:
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Do you have to have a PS3? I would grab a Vita if this was true.Thanks!!
#6OximofoPosted 7/18/2013 4:55:00 AM
Pixiey posted...
Do you have to have a PS3? I would grab a Vita if this was true.Thanks!!

No most psx and psp games can be dl directly.
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