All of those FLOP topics last year contributed to Vita poor sales.

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Natureboy99 posted...
I'm so glad to this day that I chose Vita over 3ds. I would do it all over again. Thanks for all the lulz flopic creators!

If you're so glad that you chose it over 3DS, then why do you feel the need to justify your purchase virtually every time you visit this board?
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Gamefaqs probably talked a few people out of buying one, but not enough to make any kind of difference.
So if Nintendo changed the name of the Wii - U, would they be pulling a U-Wii?
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xfactor posted...
Nemerlight posted...

Who voted that xD

Fanboys like lawlight and their clones

Wait, you guys are actually taking this poll seriously? I thought it was just another troll topic.

*voted "Yes"*
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