One Game You Wish You Could Play On Vita?

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User Info: ill-thoughts

3 years ago#1
i wish Saints Row 3 was on the Vita. its literally a combination of my 2 favorite current gen freeroam games: GTA4 and Godfather 2....all rolled into One Beautifully Chaotic and Fun Game :) it would be a DREAM for them to custom-make an SR for the Vita with one good island, all the crew and combat features and even 1/3rd of the customization intact.

whats one game you wish was on Vita?

User Info: GameNext

3 years ago#2
Hmm, well I already got my wish for Disgaea 4.
I think I'll come back to this when something pops in my head.

User Info: UltimateJoseph

3 years ago#3
I'm anticipating the PSVita Version of Soul Saga and I've pledged $15 for a Wii U Version and another $10 for the PSVita Version.

User Info: Big_Boss_Mou

3 years ago#4
Super Mario Bros.

J/k... Umm Portal and Portal 2 would be pretty cool.
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User Info: SheboyganGuy21

3 years ago#5
kingdom hearts 1 and 2 hd collection
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User Info: Undrey_

3 years ago#6
or GTA San Andreas.
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User Info: TarheelBlazer

3 years ago#7
Easy, Resident Evil 4.
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User Info: ThugETH

3 years ago#8
Well it used to be FFX but now that is coming I'll go with SMT Lucifers Call/Nocturne.
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User Info: ill-thoughts

3 years ago#9
Undrey_ posted...
or GTA San Andreas.

hmmm....Bully would be the PERFECT game for the Vita. i think Rockstar could pull in ALOT more people to buy a Vita if they started producing games for it.

User Info: DirtyHarry11

3 years ago#10
Sequel to Legend of Dragoon please. I know it will never happen since Vita is already not selling so great, but I can dream haha. Other than that, the usual suspects; GTA, MGS, Bioshock, Fallout, God of War, etc etc
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