how is virtual tennis 4 for ps vita

#11alexg1989Posted 7/21/2013 8:33:57 AM
I juts bought this game on Friday and its amazing. Best Tennis game I've played so far. Hot Shots Tennis Get A Grip for PSP is a close second.


1.) Graphics are a mixed bag. The courts don't look bad but they don't look all that great either. In my honest opinion, I'd say the courts look PSP-grade. However, the character models, especially their faces are almost photo realistic. They look really good. The bodies have a lot of noticeable jaggies though but they don't look bad. They best looking part of this game are the faces.

2.) I think the career mode is kind of lame. I don't like the board-game style movement. Why couldn't it just be a series of tennis matches? Instead they made it all RPG like... but whatever.

3.) Extremely fun

4.) Each player has different styles, if that's what you mean.

5.) Dude, I bought it for $25. $14 would be a steal.
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