how can sony get all the little kids who own a 3ds to buy a vita?

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You are 30 and you play the 3ds? ROFL! I don't understand why adults want to play as cartoon looking characters.

Considering that one of the most hyped games for Vita right now is Tearaway, I don't understand why Vita owners want to play as cartoon looking characters either.

I'm 32 and I play everything from Animal Crossing, to visual novels (PW and 999), to Mario, to Halo, to uncharted, to JRPG, to MGS, to Harvest Moon, SMT IV, to Persona 4 Golden, to everything! I don't need to reassure myself by playing Call of Duty and other "Mature" rated games, to prove I'm an adult, only kids do that. A true gamer plays it all! A adult doesn't care if a game has a cartoony character, or a badass marine, or a dancing girl, or a jumping plumber, or a cartoon character, or a adventurer with gun. What's fun is fun, gaming is fun in all genres, on all platforms. Go ahead and laugh at me playing a cartoon character one day and then playing a Marine, the next day. I'm a gamer and don't really care what you think, about what I play!

If that was directed at me, I love my 3DS along with Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, etc etc. and have nothing against 'cartoon looking' characters. I was just trying to point out the hypocrisy of wintrepunk's statement that most 3DS fans enjoy games with cartoonish graphics while Vita owners are mature adults and don't like cartoonish characters. All while Tearaway, a game with cartoonish graphics, is one of the most popular upcoming games on Vita right now. As a 3DS owner, I am looking forward to Pokemon, and as a prospective Vita buyer, am looking forward to Tearaway as well.

No it wasn't directed at you, I was building off what you said. I'm calling wintre underage, not you.
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lmao @ godslayer61 being exposed as a little kid that plays grimdark games for the sole reason to feel mature.
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Glad no one answered your bump.
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I own both