Everytime I play 3DS, I think Vita is better. And everytine I play Vita...

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I also have both, but when going from Vita to 3DS XL, the 3DS feels like some flimsy handheld made by Fisher-Price. Honestly, I am not terribly keen on Nintendo's style anymore, and I much prefer the games on the Vita (PSOne, PSP, and Vita). However, the few games that I have for my 3DS I really like.
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Every time I play 3ds I think Vita is better. Every time I play Vita I agree.
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i own both the 3ds and a vita, if there is a game i want to play on my 3ds, i'llplay it, if there is a vita game i want to play, i'll play my vita. No different to me which is better, both are really great handheld system to me.
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Natureboy99 posted...
Every time I play 3ds I think Vita is better. Every time I play Vita I agree.

Wait, you suddenly own a 3ds now?
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For the purposes of reassuring himself in that one post he does.
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I think 3DS is better. Anyone else like this? The best way to explain it is that I know 3DS is doing better than the Vita right now, so ill go and play that. But when I play the 3DS, I know that this isn't the best hand held experience, then jump back to Vita. But while playing on Vita, I always think of the lack of games, the poor sales, and how flammable it is, so I switch back to 3DS.

I know it seems strange to people that only have one hand held, but what about the people that have both?


Actually made me laugh. Funniest thing I've read on GF in a LONG time.

Lol flammable my ps vita never shot fire one of my psps did xD!!! 120v AC baby!!
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For me, it depends on game. some game that i love only on 3ds such as SMT IV, PXZ and Fire Emblem. To be honest i really want to see all these games in beautiful vita screen, especially detail graphic on smt...