Decide to pick up Dragon's Crown for the Vita. Will get the PS3 version used.

#1bassyuraPosted 7/26/2013 11:01:20 PM
Getting it under the pretense that I'm giving it to a friend. I want to do the whole local play with my buddies without coercing them to buy $250 handhelds. Buying the Vita version anyway because it's been one of my five most anticipated titles since before I bought my Vita. Publisher doesn't need my sales for selling the same exact game to me twice.

I'd hate to see the future of gaming where PS4 games cost $90+ to be able to play on your home console and your Vita. That day will be the end of Sony...
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#2jjeerryyonly9Posted 7/27/2013 6:34:27 AM
Good plan...?

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