I think people who owned a PSP hate the Vita and people who didn't love the Vita

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3 years ago#71
The PSP is more of an evolution of the GBA, it continued the push towards matching console level graphics and continued to have a large number of ports from the previous gen. The GBA even had carts that played cartoons and tv shows, similar to how the PSP UMD's had movies.

The DS and 3DS rely much more on gimmicks of dual screens and 3-D, instead of pushing the graphics and entertainment hardware.

That being said, I love the DS, 3DS and PSP. Once the Vita becomes a JRPG treasure trove like the other 3 systems I will be happy to purchase one.
3 years ago#72
Have both, love both.I just wish the Vita had more Monster Hunter and Dissidia.

I know they're available at the PSN store for PSP, but I want their Vita versions.
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3 years ago#73
When the PSP was at it's peak It seemed like we were getting so many releases week after week.
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3 years ago#74
I have a PSP and Vita and I enjoy both quite immesely. My PSP has my Project Diva and Third Birthday games while my Vita keeps me entertained with Dragon's Crown and P4G.
3 years ago#75
I played on a PSP. Love the Vita.
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3 years ago#76
I never really enjoyed my PSP all that much and I love the Vita. Biggest reason for that is the hardware itself. They tried to do console-style games for the PSP, but in my opinion even the best efforts were regularly sabotaged by the lackluster control options the hardware was able to support. Loading times were generally awful as well. Think Wipeout 2048 is bad? Play some early PSP games. I also didn't really care much for the types of games most PSP users were so crazy about. Monster Hunter? Dissidia? All those strategy rpgs (unless their names started with Jeanne and ended with D'Ark) - Just not my cup of tea at all. The system peaked super early for me with Wipeout Pure and a bit later when Ready At Dawn released Daxter.

I already own more Vita games than PSP games, and I imported my PSP from Japan because I couldn't wait.
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3 years ago#77
I still have my PSP. I love my Vita.
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3 years ago#78
i can't see why would people that have PSP would hate PS VITA
cause PS VITA is just an upgrade version of PSP i don't know why would people hate it
3 years ago#79
Psp is also the reason why I bought the vita.
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3 years ago#80
That's because It's only use is as the dual analog psp.
Other than that it's useless.
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