WTF Sony!

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mike_411 posted...
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Lol everyone in this topic is like give TO SONY for not knowing.


Thats what I was thinking when I read majority of the posts.
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Nice, you only have to accept the auto renewal to even get PS+. You know, the part with the yellow font that tells you this? Sorry but read, or at least skim through, next time, after all, this is your fault.
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auto renew on pre-paid cards?

bwa hahaha.

whats next? more iphone ports and pet games..... oh wait

(i still love you vita, even tho you will never get to see your potential)
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WartPig_ posted...
auto renew on pre-paid cards?

Unfortunately that is pretty standard across the board, especially when it comes to a pre-paid card for a service. I actually dont even know of any that DONT do this to be least when it comes to a subscription based service. Def not something only Sony is doing.
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