Phil Rogers Square Enix EU CEO will get to the bottom of FFType-0 localization

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Rygon posted...
It sounds like he is just going to detail why it won't be localized.

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I did write an email to Phil when he posted on the blog, and even though Im not one of the ones he replied to I still felt it was well worth the time to do it. I civilly told him my personal opinion on the company and what I'd like to see Square do over the next few years. You know, people cry and whine about how they hate Square, how they desecrated Final Fantasy with FF 13 and how they're a joke. That's all good and well but if you're truly this upset with the company-take the man up on his offer and take the time to write him. Positive or negative, take the time to do it. It sure sounds like he's truly reading everything and listening so the more feedback he gets the better. Guys, for a higher up at a major gaming company to give an open invitation to send feedback and even giving a link to click on for his email address is really unusual. He really wants this feedback and understands how important that is. So calmly and civilly sit down, take the time to write him, and tell him what you're unhappy about and what you've liked about the company too. Give your suggestions-constructively, please-on what you'd like to see. If he's taking this much time to listen, then the least people can do is take the time to write, I have a strong feeling he's a good guy and we will finally see some headway with some of the things people in the West have been frustrated with Square over.

I'd pay good money to read the magnum opus that Greer guy may have sent him, though. If he did that then believe me Phil's got my sympathy. I'd feel sorry fir him having to read it!

But anyhow everyone, don't pass up this rare chance. Speak up and send feedback!

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That's exactly what he said about all the Dragon Quest games we haven't gotten.

Don't hold your breath.
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There's a better chance of Shin Megami Tensei If getting ported to the vita...I just won't believe we'll get Type-0 until it actually happens.
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