Why is it that Sony just doesn't seem to know what they're doing with the Vita?

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They just announced a fantastic looking dog game and you question them?????


Releases coming in the US...

The only ones I think that are worth it are:

Killzone: Mercenary --> for fans of Killzone or FPS
Ys: Memories of Celceta --> niche RPG series though
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate --> for Batman Arkham fans

Yea. Not much at all.

stop ignoring my point about the dogs. all we need is the dog game.

And someone told me they apparently talk, incredible.

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Or they could just...put their plethora of first party companies on creating GAMES for their GAMING device. I'm pretty sure their target customer group GAMERS would then have the incentive to buy the Vita. If you buy a 3DS, you can play some Mario titles, Zelda, Ace Attorney, Fire Emblem and soon Pokemon, that is pretty much what every Nintendo fan expects from a Nintendo device (where the hell is Metroid though). Hell you can even play a new Kingdom Hearts and Resident Evil.
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it needs better tablet like features. I hate the browser. But youtube is pretty good!! facebook is annoying and skype is barebones.

if the vita comes with the ps4 for 500 it will be a the saving grace of the vita... If only they could ditch 3G and include like at least 4gb memory built in or just a card