Is Metal Gear on Vita good?

#1KG536Posted 8/17/2013 2:08:39 PM
Is it worth getting a Vita just for MGS?
How much is a Vita?
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#2zandm7Posted 8/17/2013 2:11:14 PM
It's not worth it to buy any one system for any one game.

Please browse the Metacritic listings for the Vita; take note of the games that interest you (and give the ones you've never heard of a chance too), and if there are enough, buy the Vita. If you feel that there are not enough games to sate your thirst then it would be best to hold back on the purchase.
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#313_TanksPosted 8/17/2013 3:00:41 PM
Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 are awesome on the Vita. If you really loved those games and can play them 100 times over, then MGS HD on the Vita is the best portable entry for the series. But like the other guy said, you shouldn't buy a system for just one game.
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#41Cyrus1Posted 8/17/2013 3:04:36 PM
Completely agree with the posters above me. The games look awesome in HD, and run really good. Of course you won't get a Vita only for the collection, since there is Peace Walker too and a lot of other great games.
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#5Poobert_WilsonPosted 8/17/2013 3:37:26 PM
I'm sure you'll find other games to enjoy along the way, but MGS plays great on Vita. Just takes a bit to get used to it.