Disappointed by the conference.

#1HungoverHero777Posted 8/20/2013 11:54:09 AM
Borderlands 2 (and now Minecraft, according to that other topic) is nice, I guess, and the price drops are pretty great, but I still didn't see any megatons or must-haves to convince non-Vita owners such as myself to take the plunge.
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#2ZamnatoPosted 8/20/2013 11:56:03 AM
I really don't care, i just wanna play final fantasy x and killzone mercenarys NOW.
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#3stargazer64Posted 8/20/2013 11:57:19 AM
Nope, no mega-tons. Exclusive software is pretty important when your hardware is struggling.
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#4ZamnatoPosted 8/20/2013 12:00:23 PM
Wait for TGS 2013.................
And wait for the next year.
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#5BossBangPosted 8/20/2013 12:01:40 PM
I played the Killzone Beta last night... Dude. Just. DUDE.

It really is that good.

Holy crap.

When the game first loaded up, my eyes had to adjust to drink it all in. I'm not even joking, I was blinded by the torrent of detail, it was freaking amazing.

Gameplay clean and well executed, great customization, addicting gameplay, fantastic netcode (experienced ZERO lag), great weapon arsenal to choose from, fast but not too fast combat.

Knowing this is coming, and a crowd pleasing GEM like Borderlands 2 is coming. With memory cards (the thing everyone has been complaining about) coming down in price.

AND the console again being the same price as the 3ds.

This is it. THIS is the time to get a Vita. Enough people bite now, and more heavy hitters like Fallout and Grand Theft Auto will come, and not just as ports. The install base is about to shoot up.
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