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Do you expect memory card prices to comes down when the PS TV is released?dbets39/22 4:40PM
I didn't know there was a Flash Sale this past weekend.DamianAntonelli69/22 4:33PM
Sony has no excuse for proprietary memory cards on PSTVteh1337gosu49/22 4:31PM
Does the PSTV upscale the games to HD or is it locked at the Vita's resolution?gogogosuper69/22 4:27PM
With The PSVita TV out in October...AsunaSAOYuuki69/22 4:17PM
Rise of Mana Vita trailer
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badboy339/22 4:16PM
can pstv ad HoC with a PSP ?teh1337gosu49/22 4:14PM
Sony posts full list of games compatible with PlayStation TV.
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Sakurafanboy519/22 4:13PM
how is PlayStation TV as a streaming device?mettlegear29/22 3:37PM
Hey look! Another PSTV topic.Garage_Man19/22 3:35PM
Thinking about buying...
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TOhasNoRing129/22 2:29PM
cel damage hd helprstewart0019/22 2:25PM
Will PSNOW's prices get acceptable?
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drake02412119/22 2:01PM
Is Senran Kagura: Estival Versus a remake or sequel to versus?Hercik179/22 1:59PM
Did 3ds really received a lot more first party games in 2014?
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drake02412369/22 1:46PM
You guys are missing out if you don't play Bullet Girls [Vita]
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furygods299/22 1:42PM
Playstation TV can stream PS4 games... from the PS4?PJB-1169/22 1:25PM
Is TGS over?
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GigaDogqHD559/22 1:21PM
Frozen Synapse Prime is excellent - who's buying it?
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ThugETH169/22 1:20PM
So what was revealed during TGS for Vita?TalesOfGod59/22 1:12PM